Southern California Edison is one of the largest electric utilities in the U.S., and the largest subsidiary of Edison International. On an average day, SCE provides power for 11 million individuals, 800 communities and cities, 5,000 large businesses, and 280,000 small businesses in Central and Southern California. Delivering that power takes 16 utility interconnections, 4,900 transmission and distribution circuits, 365 transmission and distribution crews, the days and nights of 12,642 employees, and over a century of experience.

There’s a strong current running through the lives of the people who make their careers at Edison International. With dynamic businesses in the electric, finance, and consumer service industries, its all about opportunity, moving forward, and most of all, energy.   So get ready to really galvanize your career at one of the Edison International Companies.

Energize your career at Southern California Edison.

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